Install PUBG Mobile for PC With Bluestacks full version

Here we will explain how to download and use PUBG Mobile or Players Unknown Battle Ground Mobile is one of the most downloaded Battle Royale games available for smartphones including Android and iOS. If you are trying to find the Best PUBG Emulator to play PUBG Mobile for PC or Mac computer, then there are many options and here we will use the Bluestacks android emulator.

Install PUBG with Bluestacks

PUBG was originally launched for Computer devices only and at that time, PUBG Mobile hadn’t even appeared. After PUBG had the huge success they had from the PC user base, they decided to launch a special Mobile Version which was highly optimized for Smartphones. With the type of gameplay, Maps and almost all features remain on par when it has been ported to Mobile as well. Because the PC version of PUBG is too heavy and requires high-end resources such as CPU, GPU, storage and quite large RAM.

Now Official PUBG Developers are developing a PUBG Emulator for Windows called Tencent Gaming Buddy, which allows you to be able to play PUBG Mobile on your PC and compete with people who play on Cellular. it will all offer you textures like playing the PUBG equivalent on Mobile, but you will enjoy it on a PC with a large screen size. There are many advantages why you want to play PUBG Mobile on PC, here I will quote some of the advantages of playing PUBG Mobile on PC.

Download and Install PUBG with Bluestacks Emulators

Here are some of the advantages that you can enjoy playing PUBG Mobile on a PC instead of using a Smartphone.

After you compare your Smartphone with your PC, the PC will have a dedicated graphics card and have a much better processor than your Smartphone. Say your phone only supports HD graphics settings but once you open it on PC you will be able to push the setting to maximum (Ultra HD / HDR). So, you will also be playing games in extreme Frames Rate (FPS) and your preferred modes like Movie, Colorful, etc.

Use Keyboard and Mouse – You will have an edge over other players if you use Keyboard and Mouse to play games like PUBG Mobile. Most of the other players will use their Mobile and you will have control options and by using the mouse you will control the shot recoil to a very good level. Likewise, Aiming and precision will also increase.

Enjoy Bigger Screen service – the screen size of a smartphone is generally around 5-6 inches and detecting enemies will be a strong touch on a mobile device. But, you will easily play and find enemies with a larger screen such as your laptop screen or monitor that is at least 21 inches in size. The much larger screen size will make your enemies easier to see and will allow you to kill them in no time.

PUBG Mobile Emulator for PC and Mac

When talking about the Android Emulator, the main software that comes to the mind of most of the people is Bluestacks. Bluestacks is one of the oldest Android Emulators that easily and lets you run PUBG Mobile and other Android Applications on your computer. Bluestacks 4, which is the newest release to Bluestacks Family, is the smoothest version of Bluestacks which is much more stable and bug free than the previous version. You will use the download link below to download the Windows version.

You can follow the step by step guide to urge PUBG Mobile installed on your Windows 10/8/7 PC easily. As part of the method here, you are required to first download the Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC.

Step 1: Download Android Emulator for Windows here we will use Bluestacks.

Step 2: Once you have finished downloading the Android Emulator of your choice, next is to enter and launch it on your PC

Step 3: most of the Emulators accompany Google Play Store which is installed by default. After that open the Play Store on your Emulator and search for “PUBG Mobile”.

Install PUBG with Bluestacks

Step 4: After that Install PUBG Mobile from the download page.

Step 5: After the installation process is complete, just click the Open button and PUBG Mobile will be ready to launch.


I also recommend you to use Tencent Gaming Buddy to play PUBG Mobile on PC because this is the official emulator from Tencent. There is no risk of account ban and you will only cooperate with other players using the Emulator to make gameplay fair. for some reason, if you can’t use the Tencent Gaming Buddy, the second and third options you will try will be Bluestacks as they already have keymapping settings. Thus, you will choose the simplest one to use and start right away to download it and play this exciting game on your PC.

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