Lorex Cloud

Here we will show you how to download the Lorex Cloud app on your Windows PC. Get the Lorex Cloud app for PC Windows free from the official website, namely from the play store. The Lorex Cloud app is not officially available for PC devices. So, following the steps to download and use the Amazing Lorex Cloud app for use on PC, let’s get started.

Lorex Cloud

What is Lorex Cloud App?

The following is an explanation of the Lorex Cloud Application which is useful for managing camera security. The app controls your security for cameras and recording helps you monitor all the activities in all cameras on one device. Lorex cloud has a very easy setup and a simple interface with which you can do everything remotely for all cameras. This Lorex cloud has advanced motion sensors to detect any unusual activity and save it. You can see all the snapshots in real-time.

In the Lorex cloud application, there are also settings for camera configuration that you can change the video quality and also activate or deactivate audio recording. The Lorex cloud app will instantly send you instant notifications when the camera detects some activity. You can monitor all live streams from anywhere at any time with the time and date detected by the motion sensor. This Lorex Cloud application is available for android phones to be able to use it on a Windows PC you need the help of an Android emulator.

Lorex Cloud app features

  • Lorex Cloud helps you to monitor all cameras on one device
  • Lorex Cloud has sophisticated control over video quality and audio recording.
  • Lorex Cloud has the most advanced motion detection sensors so it can track all unusual activities.
  • With Lorex Cloud you can also take snapshots of videos
  • With Lorex Cloud you can customize videos with crop and cut facilities.
  • Lorex Cloud watches Live Streaming from anywhere and keeps all recorded files in storage.

Install Lorex Cloud App For PC

To perform the Lorex Cloud app installation process so that it can run on a Windows PC, it’s quite easy to complete the Lorex Cloud app installed on your PC Windows using the help of the Bluestacks Emulator.

  1. Launch Bluestacks Emulator on your PC.
  2. After that sign in with your Google account.
  3. Then open the play store in the Bluestacks Emulator select search type ‘Lorex Cloud’ and select install.
  4. Wait until the Lorex Cloud app For for the PC install process is complete.
  5. Now the Lorex Cloud app is ready to use on a PC.

Now you can use the Lorex Cloud app For a PC after the installation has finished successfully on your Emulator.

Final Words

That’s the article on how to download the Lorex Cloud app for PC, follow the method, and install the application correctly. If you have any questions about installing the Lorex Cloud app on a PC, contact us using the comments section.

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