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Here we will explain about what KineMaster for PC might be a good Video Editing Software for both beginners and pro level users. If you love creating video content then KineMaster will be the right choice. Currently KineMaster does not have a special Windows version, it is only available exclusively for Android and iOS devices. But using the help of an emulator, we will be able to run the same KineMaster video editing application on our own PC.

KineMaster for PC with Bluestacks

If you are just getting started with video editing or you are a pro-level video editor, KineMaster will help for you. Kinemaster for PC is flexible and you will edit videos the way you want on a PC device. Using KineMaster you will be able to start basic video trimming, Duration adjustments, Merged clips and advanced Color grading, transitions, animations, and VFX. You will install the Kinemaster equivalent which is available for Android on your Windows PC with the help of an Emulator.

We’ll be using the Android equivalent of Kinemaster for use on our PC and you’ll be editing videos on a much larger screen with faster processing power. Rendering, Processing and Exporting of videos will be done in no time. This type of timeline based video editing will make it really easy for us to edit videos as well.

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KineMaster for PC

Here is an explanation of KineMaster which is one of the simplest and beginner-friendly video editor software for Android and is widely used by editors. because it is very flexible and easy to use, people want this software to be used on their PC. However, until now the company developer has not made it available for Windows PC devices. But with the Android Emulator, things are often done fairly quickly and have them installed on your PC within minutes.

KineMaster for PC Features

Here is a list of some of the excellent features of Kinemaster for PC that make it different from other video editors,

  • Timeline based video editing layout
  • Already supports multi-layers for Video, Audio, Image, Text, VFX, Graphics, etc.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Works well on low spec machines and devices
  • Built-in Templates and Transitions
  • Animation and VFX Controls
  • The perfect app for beginners who are just starting out with Video Content Creation and Editing
  • Less exporting time
  • Lag-Free and instant real-time video preview
  • There are many Color Grading Options including Brightness, Curves, Levels, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Vibrance, Midtones, etc.

Download KineMaster for Windows PC

By following the step by step guide to use KineMaster it can be installed on your Windows 10/8/7 PC easily. Follow the simple method below.

Step 1: First install the Android Emulator for Windows select the Android Emulator of your choice. Here we use Bluestacks.

Step 2: After your process has downloaded the Android Emulator of your choice, next is to enter it and launch it inside the Bluestacks emulator.

Step 3: After that all you have to do is open the Play Store on your Emulator and search for KineMaster.

KineMaster for PC with Bluestacks

Step 4: Now click on Install KineMaster from the download page.

Step 5: After the installation is complete, just click on the Open button and it will launch KineMaster and start editing your Video, Add transitions, Graphics & Animation, etc.

That’s our way of installing the KineMaster App on your Windows PC to edit videos. editing videos with KineMaster is as simple and free as you like. If you come close to accompanying a dedicated Windows Video Editing software, then you will be asked to get a premium license. Keep in mind there is NO free video editing software that will work as well as Kinemaster.

Why use KM App on PC?

There are many reasons why you might want to install Kinemaster on a PC, and here are a few of them

  • Bigger Screen – it will be very difficult for us to edit videos on a small smartphone screen. So it’s always better to use it on PC so you can edit it perfectly.
  • Faster Processing – Your PC’s processor will be much faster than a smartphone’s, so you’ll edit, render and export videos very quickly if you use them on a PC.
  • Keyboard & Mouse Usage – You will use Keyboard and Mouse to edit videos if you use them on PC. it will make your workflow faster and easier.
  • the common combination of Keyboard & Mouse + larger monitor display provides a seamless video editing experience with KineMaster.

KineMaster Pro Version for Windows PC

KineMaster also comes with an optional pro version which gives you more control over general video editing. If you have a little money to spend then I would highly recommend you buy the professional version of the KM app. Once you have enough cash to shop for premium licenses, go ahead and buy an equivalent.

Final Words

KineMaster for PC is probably a great choice for Beginners as well as the pro level Video editors out there. Using KM on a PC makes general editing workflows easier and more flexible. Especially when appearing in the timeline, it’s a requirement that we want a much larger screen to effectively create new layers, content, etc., and work with them.

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