How to Use BlueStacks 4 to Run App on Windows

Here we will provide a guide that will allow you to download and use Bluestacks skills in more detail and discuss a number of important functions and some hidden tricks of the Android emulator Bluestacks that you will use while using this application. So let’s get started

How to Use BlueStacks 4

Editor’s Note: To run popular Android applications on PC using BlueStacks is very easy, you just need to download Bluestacks then download the apk from online and start using the android application on your PC.

How to Use BlueStacks

1. Install Bluestacks: The first step you need to do is download or install Bluestacks on your PC / laptop. By visiting the official website which can be accessed using this link ‘’. Once the file is downloaded, double click on the installation file to start running Bluestacks on your device.

2. Installing applications: With Bluestacks you will be able to use 96% of all applications available for Android devices.

Method 1. First step enter Google Play Store which is pre-installed on Bluestacks inside the search bar, enter the name of the application you want and click ‘Install’ to start the installation process.

BlueStacks 4 to run on Windows 10

Method 2. Please note that all the apps available for Android devices are available on their official website.

BlueStacks 4 to run on Windows 10

3. Using a specific app: After you install an app on Bluestacks, the shortcut will automatically appear on the Bluestacks home screen.

4. Play games: many of us use Android emulators to play games on a much bigger screen with external controls. Bluestacks users can use an external mouse and keyboard and it has an integrated Twitch API that allows players to stream their games online in an easy way.

5. How to uninstall apps: There may be situations where you want to uninstall apps which will flow from insufficient storage or if the app is of no use to you. In such a case, you will want to perform certain steps to remove the app from Bluestacks. On Android devices, you can simply hold and drag the icon to uninstall it, which is not the case on Bluestacks.

Here’s how to launch the ‘Settings’ app and navigate to ‘Advanced Settings’ Then, under ‘Apps,’ select the app you want to uninstall and click ‘Uninstall’ to start the uninstall process. After that click ‘OK’ from the panel that appears on your screen to verify that you only want to remove certain apps from Bluestacks.

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